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Champ de Mars

The Parc du Champ-de-Mars extends from the École Militaire to the Eiffel Tower.

Although today known as such, it was initially a cultivable field later transformed into an annex of the Military School about 1765. While the land belonged to the army, more and more public events began to take place there, the first being a horse race in 1780 between the Military School’s Head Squire and the Prince of Nassau, an event that attracted curious onlookers.

Thereafter came republican celebrations during the French Revolution and, less festive, gunfire and guillotine executions.

Used as a public space to celebrate republican victories, the Champ-de-Mars became a symbol of the French Republic, and several Universal Exhibitions were organized there.

Today, Parisians and tourists gather on its lawns to picnic, play music, and watch the Eiffel Tower’s twinkling lights at nightfall. One of the pleasant surprises you will find in the park is the Mur pour la Paix (Wall for Peace), built in March 2000, in front of the École Militaire

Champ de Mars

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